More than 55 years of experience
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Trusted by specialists the world over, Waxoyl Professional makes customized solutions to retain value and the like-new qualities of all types of transportation, machinery and structures.

How Can Waxoyl Work for You?

Damage from corrosion can reduce your vehicle's value by more than half.
Waxoyl Professional offers 360º of protection.

Hardwax for the Underbody

Hardwax provides superior corrosion protection for all types of vehicles and exterior metal structures.

Hardwax forms a tough, flexible, wax-based barrier that keeps the elements out while providing unparalleled chemical protection that completely interrupts electrochemical oxidization (corrosion) for all types of metals. From bridges to cars, Hardwax has a rich history of protection in a variety of applications.

Hardwax Figure
Hardwax is available in kegs, tins, and aerosol cans along with a variety of application tools.

120-4 for Cavity Protection

"Fogs" the cars cavities to provide total coverage, penetrating deep into seams for the ultimate protection from corrosion. One application protects for the life of the vehicle. Where surface rust already exists, Waxoyl Professional 120-4 stops corrosion in its tracks.

Professional application tools snake through existing drains for complete protection without drilling access holes. Displaces moisture to achieve an optimum bond, even in damp environments. Temperature range of active protection from -40°F to 300°F. Safe on all paint finishes, rubber parts, electrical components, and it even lubricates window tracks.

120-4 Figure
Professional 120-4 is available in kegs, tins, and aerosol cans along with a variety of application tools.

Application Touch Ups

Unlike annual products, Waxoyl Corrosion Prevention need only be reapplied if and where the coating has been compromised. Waxoyl is a tough, durable coating that lasts for many years, but vehicles operating on dirt roads or snowy roads that have been treated with an abrasive material (like sand) will subject the underbody to sustained abrasion. This ongoing “sandblasting effect” may eventually wear through the Waxoyl coating and the factory paint in some places, especially in wheel arches and suspension components subjected to wheel cast-off.

Occasional inspection and touch-ups are an important part of the Waxoyl system because the product cannot protect where it has been abraded off. Due to variations in vehicles, the environment and road surfaces there is no one answer for how often Waxoyl should be inspected. For most, an annual inspection with a small touch up is sufficient for ongoing protection, however some situations could benefit from greater frequency.

* For rust-free vehicles operating in extreme environments, we recommend the new Hardwax21 for maximum abrasion resistance.

Waxoyl kills existing surface rust, but it’s difficult to tell if corrosion has penetrated deeper into the metal. We advise proper preparation (degrease and remove rust flakes), annual inspections, and re-treatment as needed. Waxoyl will not hide ongoing corrosion and areas wanting rust remediation will become visible for re-coverage. For serious pre-existing rust, Waxoyl will slow the damage, but mitigation through dedication is the best approach.

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